What sets us apart

BM-TECH offers a perfect price-performance ratio in mechanical and plant engineering.

We provide highly qualified engineers at attractive conditions and actively involve you in the selection of personnel.

Through practice-oriented training, we maximize the economic benefits of innovative advances. BM-TECH works flexibly on a contract basis, which means fewer obstacles and clear cost planning, without the creation of positions or time commitments.

We attach great importance to transparency and offer fair, disclosed calculations with fixed hourly rates for up to 36 months. BM-TECH is committed to transparency, trust and success in all project phases and strives for long-term partnerships.

Perfect Price-performance ratio

Discover the added value of our focus on mechanical and plant engineering, which forms the basis for effective results. At BM-TECH you get highly qualified engineers at extremely attractive conditions. Your satisfaction is important to us, which is why the selection of personnel is always made together with you.

Thanks to the practice-oriented training of our employees, we can generate the maximum economic benefit from innovative advances.

High flexibility

We rely on a work contract basis and individual project orders, which means fewer obstacles and clear cost planning for you. No build-up of permanent positions and no time commitment enable you to react quickly to market changes. So you are flexibly covered in every situation.

BM-TECH is your reliable partner when it comes to efficiently and successfully completing your projects.

Absolute transparency

Transparency is our top priority. Trust forms the basis of our business relationship. That's why we offer you a fair and open calculation through Open-Book. Not only do we not charge administration costs, we also offer fixed hourly rates for up to 36 months. This means you always have an eye on your costs.

Choose BM-TECH and benefit from our clear commitment to transparency, trust and success in every phase of your projects. Together we create the basis for a long-term and successful partnership!